• Cat Nieves

Who enjoys lingerie more?

When I was 18, I thought women wore lingerie for their partners. I looked at lingerie as a means to an end. It was something I would put on, and 5 minutes later it would be off. Seriously, I often wondered why spend so much money on something no one will remember what you had on?

I went through my stages. White lace, black lace, satin, cotton, etc..... I wore thigh highs, garters, high heels (though I never wore stripper shoes). I didn't really enjoy the shopping experience. This of course was before the Victoria Secrets store came into play. Before Victoria Secrets stores, we often bought lingerie from Macy*s, Bloomingdales, etc.... You were looking at pretty lace bras and right next to those they had the Playtex and Olga bras displayed. Just so everyone understands, those bras are usually worn by your grandmother. lol

When I hit 40, not sure what happened but I got lazy. I was also single. So, I stopped buying pretty bras and matching panties. I started buying nice bras, Victoria Secret bras, but the body collection, more for comfort. The panties were usually on sale, whatever color it was not important.

The worst part about the this story is that I would order my undergarments online. I stopped trying it on. If I had to go to Victoria Secret, it was to return something. But why? I dunno....

Fast forward to today. As I have written before, I have lost some weight, 13 lbs to be exact. I've been working out, 5 x a week. No one told me to. I did it for myself. Funny thing is, as the weight came off, I noticed something changing with me. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. I started to look at myself more. Not just my face, but my body. While it was not as fit as it once was, I am okay with that. That is reality. That is Father Time and something no one can change. Of course some will opt for plastic surgery, and that is okay. Some will opt for injectables, that's okay too. Who knows, I might go the route of injectables, but not yet. At 49, I'm okay with how I look. From my head down to my toes.

Now, some of you may ask, what does this have to do with lingerie? Thank you for asking. I believe I have previously posted that I have been trying on lingerie, and I felt great! I have decided to do a photo shoot to hopefully inspire others to do it. Now, why do I feel great? I'm still single. I feel great because I wear it for ME. I feel empowered. I LOVE how the lace feels against my skin. I feel pretty, and other times I feel SEXY. I've discovered that I do not need to be in a relationship to wear lingerie. That the purpose of lingerie was not for others, but for ourselves. It was for us to feel pampered, feel special. Now I go into the store and try on the lingerie, and lots of it! If I like it, I buy it. I take selfies in the fitting room and I love it! Lots of lace in thongs and cheekies (which are my favs), teddies, corsets, etc...

So, to answer my question, who enjoys lingerie more? ME....

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