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What's in a word?

Funny, I've never thought about the meaning of a word. Now, what do I mean by that? I mean, I always thought that words have certain meanings and that was it. Never thought much more of it. Then recently, a friend used a word, and I was standing there with an airbubble "WTF". You must be wondering what the word was. The word was "sincerely" pass it on. lol

Okay, sincerely. Now there's a word. Let's look at what it means. Sincerely means in a sincere or genuine way. How is it used? A formula used to end a letter, typically a formal one in which the recipient is addressed by name. Any surprise here? I've received letters from lawyers, banks, work, etc and they all have used the word sincerely. So, its safe to assume they all meant what they stated in the letter. But, what happens when someone uses the word for something else? Does it still mean the same?

What happens when someone uses the word in a TOTALLY different context? Instead of a business correspondence its used on a more personal level. Does it still mean the same? I mean, the definition hasn't changed. It still means in a sincere or genuine way. However, for some reason, the issue isn't the meaning of the word, but the word itself.

Like I said before, sincerely is generally used in the context of business correspondence. Fine. But on a personal level, it just falls flat. While the meaning of the word may sound special, it loses something when TD Bank signs off the same way. It doesn't matter the person's intention of being genuine. It does not and should not be used in a personal context. Anyone who think otherwise is fooling themselves, but not fooling me.

I believe if you are not ready to express something, then don't. It's not fair to assume the person on the receiving end will know exactly what it is you are trying to express. EX: You can talk about a million dollars however, if you do not specifically state that the person you are speaking to won a million dollars, how are they supposed to pick up on that?

Words are words, period. They are one dimensional. How are we supposed to see the other side? Words are nothing with meaning. Words have no meaning without the appropriate emotion. Take the word crying. People cry when they are upset. People cry when they are happy. People cry when they are relieved. If we do not see the appropriate emotion with the word, how do we know what it means?

What can you take from this? Maybe a lesson on seeing peolpe's limitations and deciding for yourself, what does it mean......


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