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All of me...

I have been contemplating this for awhile. This post maybe the most revealing one yet and in more ways than one.

Recently I've lost 10 lbs. Now, this took awhile. Unfortunately, one of the things they do not tell you is that as you age, it becomes more difficult to loose weight. Awesome.... ☹️ Anyway, back to my post. I did loose the weight. I've been working out like a crazy. Burning 600 calories a day and doing a mixture of free weights, with TRX or battle rope exercises, usually ending with abs. My diet has consisted of oatmeal, either smoothie or turkey sandwich on whole wheat and chicken and brown rice for dinner. I'll throw in a protein bar as well. I'll film my workout one of these days, though I will warn you, it ain't pretty. I'm not a pretty workout chick. I usually look like a hot mess.

As I have taken off the weight, I've noticed a change in my demeanor. I began to feel like my old self. I felt like me, 10yrs ago, and I LOVE it! I thought that version of me was gone forever. I was/am more outgoing, assertive and confident. I was not embarrassed by how I looked in clothes and did not feel the need to add a disclaimer about how I looked in pictures. My clothes are now tailored. No more loose fitting tops, unless I want to wear it vs having to wear it. I feel free from my former version of myself.

Now, how do I celebrate this feat? What I've been doing is taking pics of myself, in lingerie. Nothing crazy, or too much, just sexy. I wanted to feel sexy. I wanted to prove that I was/am sexy. I wanted to prove that to ME. It's funny how we get so busy worrying about things. Especially as we get older, we worry about how we look. Each morning we may see another wrinkle. Feel another ache that we did not feel the night before. And with each wrinkle, each ache, we feel ourselves aging. Like literally feel it. And we think that it defines us. We've all heard this before, that this is the beginning to the end. Well, I'm tired of thinking that way. How about this is a new beginning, a new chapter, and if we think the book is ending, we can start another book. Our story can continue, until we decide to tell a different story.

So, where is this all leading to, you may ask? I've decided to post a few of my pics from the fitting room of myself in lingerie. Not to show off, but to inspire. I will be 50 this year. I do my best to take care of myself. I am happy with the way I look. Not to say there isn't room for improvement as no one is perfect. However, for right now, I am okay with it.

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