About Me

Let's see, about me..... where do I begin?  I am a photographer.  I am a videographer.  I am a graphic designer.  And now I am a blogger.  

A few things to know about me.

 I LOVE fashion!  I love the shows, I love drama that your clothes can bring without saying a word.  

I love beauty products!  OMG, I have not met a cream that I didn't try.  

I like makeup.... I do not love it.  I hate wearing it.  The people who know me make fun of me because all my lipsticks look like the same shade, meanwhile I always think they are adventurous. lol

I love to change my hair.  I've had my hair long, short, with extensions and a variety of different colors.  Right now its short and dark brown.  I have to be honest, I am getting bored of it.  I may be blonde by the end of the year.

I workout.  I do not love to workout.  I do it because I like to stay within a certain weight and working out helps me maintain.  I do enjoy being active.  I play tennis, volleyball, baseball, kayaking, biking, etc.....

I love to have fun.  I love hanging out with friends, enjoying some cocktails.  I love to dance.  the cheesier the better, retro clubs are the best!  

Through this journey I will be honest and show you me trying to live MY best life.  You'll see my highs and unfortunately my lows.  I'll write about fashion, beauty, health and fitness and about life.  Buckle up buttercup!

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